Annual product seminar KST 2017

When we target a good cocktail splash of something  useful and enjoyable, at the same time, we must inevitably mention KST Ltd. tradition to organize one of the most fruitful events for the telecommunication industry in Bulgaria and across the Balkans. This year, the annual technical seminar  ‘KST 2017’ was held on 20 and 21 November at Casa Karaina Hotel in Bansko, Bulgaria. The event gathered over 120 people, representatives of cable TV, internet and telecommunication services providers from Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Greece, who had the opportunity to hear about the latest news in the portfolio of our partnering companies. Presentations were held by representatives of AFL, PCT International, Jonard Tools, Inno Instruments, Casa Systems and Raisecom. The engineers from KST Ltd., in turn, prepared and sorted interesting materials to answer the frequently asked questions during the year and introduced various solutions designed to be in favor of the customer.



What and How we did:


With the beginning of the seminar, Mr. Svetlin Kapitanov encouraged all our guests to leave their daily stress behind, enjoy the time spent with us and be very active in communicating with each other to exchange as much of experience as possible. He underlined that shared ideas during this summit can solve most of the problems that have been carrying for years. At the end of his greeting, he presented the new company logo.



Mr. Mehmet Bayrak and Mr. Chedomir Petrovic presented the new products of the American company PCT International under the motto “Innovation for the last mile”. They introduced the new coax passive series and the brand new fiber optic products.

The second presentation was mainly for the people who have developed Docsis networks. Mr. Alin Sburlan of Casa Systems, presented “Docsis 3.1 / Remote PHY and Roadmap”.


The regional managers of the Korean company Inno Instruments, Mr. Ethan Lee and Mr. Ted Kim, presented the new features of their splicers that have become a symbol for fast and reliable work – View6s and View7. They introduced the guests to both new product lines – M7 series Fiber Optic Welding Machine (Splicer) and the View500 OTDR, which are absolutely new type of products for the Korean company.



After the refreshing coffee break, Mr. Christian Kramer, Commercial Director of AFL for EMEA, continued with interesting topics. He drew the guests’ attention to proper measuring of their network lines and advised them how to maintain their networks in good health. Following was the introduction of the new OTDR FlexScan series of meters, the FocisFlex and the new concept of Rogue. He had titled his presentation “How to Make OTDR Testing Easy and Successful”.

Next in line was a presentation for the next generation of Raisecom  xPON products. With this resume, the delegates to the seminar were introduced to the latest products for building PON networks, new devices and their technical capabilities.


The 1st day agenda was topped up with the presentation of Mr. Valentin Topchiev, product manager – optical products at KST Ltd. Driven by the idea and need of responding to all frequent questions asked during the year, he presented interesting details related to the transmission of high-speed signals over long distances. The motto “Design your high-performance optical network successfully” was supported by the different solutions offered by the company.


First for day No. 2 of the seminar, Mr. Ger Segers, Jonard Tools, Sales Director for Europe, cheered the guests up with a presentation of the company products that are new to our region & told about their advantages while also let the opportunity to touch & play with the tools. Typically in his style, he gave away a number of awards to the best students on his class for responding correctly to the questions in the duly drafted quiz.


Mr. Todor Stoychev, product manager – passive elements and accessories at KST Ltd., presented his idea of ​​how to build a network at a higher technological level. He presented the concept of proper construction, using the right items and accessories in the right place. It enabled delegates to choose the right solution for themselves by presenting different options, products and solutions.


In the last for the seminar presentation, Mr. Ventsislav Velkov performed similar to a workshop scenario his system for management of GPON and GEPON solutions of the company Raisecom. He made short demonstrations of its opportunities to the guests and resumed the benefits of choosing Raisecom’s equipment to build efficient and productive networks.

Due to preliminary engagements, Mr. Petar Ivanov, sales manager of Promax Electronica for Eastern Europe and Russia, failed to take part in this year edition of the seminar. But, in order to not disappoint Promax loyal customers, an additional 5% discount shall be allowed for their equipment to anyone who decides to purchase a meter from the workshop by the end of the year.

In the parallel running workshop alongside the seminar sessions, guests were able to test the products presented, work with them and make sure that they were the better choice out of everything available in the price range. Everyone could reach directly to the representatives of our partner companies and get the necessary first-hand information.


In the poll & feedback questionnaires, the guests gave a very high score to the seminar scope and shared their valuable recommendations to the organizers about how to better serve them in the future.


The management of KST Ltd, as well as the entire team of the company, made their promise and committed to providing the best products, the best technical service and the best business conditions to all our customers.