RAISEPON 2.0 – Web-based management software for RAISECOM PON

RAISEPON 2.0 Software.

Basic Features:

1. Customer creation and association with ONU device.
2. Creation of OLTs and PON ports.
3. ONU Authentication based on MAC address for GEPON or Serial Number (SN) for GPON.
4. Service Activation/Deactivation.
5. Applying of predefined Service Profiles or  Line Profiles (QoS, native VLANs, Bandwidth Control) per ONU.
6. OLT State, Information and PON Ports Graphs.
7.  ONU State, Information and Graphs per UNI interface for  Traffic, Unicast, Broadast, Multicast. Graphs for ONU Rx, Tx and RF Power Level.
8. Remote reboot of  ONUs and OLTs.
9. Per UNI interface statistics for each ONU and the ability to enable/disable UNI interface.
10. Remote enable/disable of the RF interface of CATV capable ONUs.
11. Automatic registration ONUs in the OLT based on predefined criteria.
12. Illegal ONU infomation based on OLT.
13. SysLog collection from all OLTs.
14. Possibility to create different accounts with different access levels for managing the software.
15. Free Support for all our customers of Raisepon Equipment.