PROMAX-4: Cable TV Analysers
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PROMAX-4: Cable TV Analysers

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Модел: PROMAX-4

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The PROMAX-4 models, are instruments designed to measure the basic parameters to determine the quality of the signal in a CATV system in a fast and simple manner. We have implemented three versions so to offer different options depending on the needs. It is a one hand operation instrument with direct reading of the measurement on an illuminated LCD screen. It incorporates a audio demodulator together with an speaker. A exchangeable input connector so to avoid damaging the instrument.



TUNING From 45 to 862 MHz, through channels, frequency or programs. One channel plan, configurable from PC.
LEVEL MEASUREMENT 20 dBµV to 120 dBµV. Digital readout.
VIDEO/AUDIO MEASUREMENT Measurement range from 0 to 40 dB
C/N MEASUREMENT Dynamic range 50 dB.
SOUND AM/FM/Level. Internal speaker / external headphones output.
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