Усилвател за CATV, модулен
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Усилвател за CATV, модулен

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Модел: TKS1200AOA-RP
Марка: TKS

Количество: Поръчайте

Product Summary

TKS1200AOA-RP outdoor trunk bidirectional amplifier is mainly used for bidirectional trunk transmission of CATV television image signal, digital TV signal, telephone voice signals and data (or compressed data) signal. Advanced and mature circuits, scientific and reasonable process structures and high-quality materials, ensure the excellent performance. It is the first-choice equipment to build large or middle-sized CATV bidirectional transmission network.

Performance Characteristics

  • 1003MHz bandwidth design (1218MHz bandwidth optional).
  • Forward path: The pre-stage adopts GaAs MMIC; Return path: MMIC or module (optional). The output stage adopts the newest imported high index power doubler module, achieve high output level, low distortion and high SNR.
  • It is more convenient to debug because of the plug-in duplex filter, equalizer, attenuator, output tap and the scientific and reasonable on-line detection ports.
  • The equipment can long time continuous work steadily under outdoor bad environmental condition. Because of the ultra-thin modular aluminum waterproof housing, high reliability switching power supply and strict lightning protection system.
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