Оптичен усилвател (EDFA)
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Оптичен усилвател (EDFA)

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Модел: TKS-EDFA 1550
Марка: TKS

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    TKS-EDFA series 1550nm optical fiber amplifier is the important optical relay transmission equipment in 1550nm optical fiber communication system. It mainly used for the long distance optical fiber transmission of TV image signal, digital television signal, telephone voice signal and data (or compressed data) signal. This product is based on the high-performance erbium doped fiber and low noise pump laser, and built-in perfect embedded automatic monitoring system, to ensure the excellent performance indicators.

Performance Characteristics

· Automatic control the output optical power.

· The output optical power adjustable attenuation range is 0-3dB.

· Adopt high-performance erbium doped fiber, high efficiency energy conversion.

· Due to the 32-bit processor and integrated high-precision monitoring system timely and accurately monitoring of the optical output power and the operating mode of the pump laser are ensured.

· Built-in blue LCD 160×32 display on the front panel, accurately showing all working status parameters.

· 19″1U height standard rack mount, equipped standard IEEE802.3 10Base-T Ethernet interface and RS232 interface, can expediently realizes network management monitoring.

· Full support <GB/T 20030-2005HFC Network device management system specification>. 

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