SC/APC бърз конектор (тип А)

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The field assembly optical connector is designed for simple and fast field termination of single fibers, without polishing or adhesives. The heart of the Quick fast connector is a pre-polished ferrule and a mechanical splice inside the connector body. Assembly requires only normal fiber preparation tools: a fiber stripping tool, wipes and a fiber cleaver. No electrical power supply is needed to assemble quickly the fiber connector.

Quick assembly fiber optic connector uses Sumitomos guide rail technology to help position the fibre into the connector, achieving a positive connection in the mechanical splice and low insertion loss termination.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with conventional SC and LC connector;
  • Easy and fast assembly (within 2 minutes) without special tool;
  • Reliable assembly and high repeatability;
  • Applicable for 2mm, 3mm FTTH cable.
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Manufacturer Hi-Tech
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Fast Connectors.pdf
(Size: 26.2 KB)