TRM 2.0 Basic License Software - OTDR Trace Viewer +

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  • Generates acceptance reports
  • Creates certification results and applies Pass/Fail
  • Documents networks
  • OTDR batch editing


  • Macro/Microbend detection
  • Automatic bi-directional trace analysis
  • Create reports with macrobend and bi-directional trace averaging
  • Exporting .SOR file to .CSV file format

Product Description

TRM Test Results Manager is PC-based software that provides comprehensive test results analysis and reporting for AFL test and inspection products. TRM Basic software enables users to quickly view loss or certification results, batch-edit OTDR traces, and create acceptance reports conforming to industry guidelines. TRM Basic can generate reports showing dual wavelength traces and event tables, end-face image, event map and loss data for each fiber. Users can apply pass/fail thresholds to OTDR events and OLTS measurements, and create and apply application rules per industry standards. TRMs OTDR Batch Editor enables users to edit and analyze multiple trace files simultaneously.

Advanced upgrade expands analysis reporting functions: TRM Advanced includes all TRM Basics functionality and adds macro/microbend detection, automatic bi-directional trace averaging, and .SOR file export to .CSV file format.

Include Inspection Images in Reports: TRM Basic and TRM Advanced software allow integration of fiber inspection images from the FOCIS family inspection products to be included in customized test reports. Both versions support Bellcore/Telcordia .SOR file formats.

Wireless transfer of data: TRM 3.0 Basic supports downloading the FlexScan family of OTDRs test results from the cloud using the free FlexScan App available from the Google play for Android mobile devices.

User friendly interface makes reviewing results easy: OTDR, certification, inspection, and OPM test results are indicated by specific icons to simplify selection of test results to review.

Industry Standard and User-defined Reports: Test to Industry Standards (ISO/TIA/EN), Application Rules (IEEE/ ANSI), or create User Rules and User Application Rules. As new rules and applications develop, compare existing test results to the new rules, such as emerging Ethernet standards. Supports industry-standard 10GbE IEEE 802.3ae specification using pre-configured 10GbE application rules. Produces detailed 10GbE test report.

Report Flexibility and Customization: A Report Wizard enables users to generate personalized reports for customers job acceptance. Generated reports meet accepted industry documentation and feature customized cover pages with customers logos. Can create dedicated inspection, insertion loss and OTDR reports, as well as reports combining OTDR, power meter and inspection results.

Difference between TRM 2.0 and TRM 3.0

TRM 2.0 Software supports AFL M-series and FlexTester OTDRs and OPM5 Power Meter

TRM 3.0 Software supports AFL FlexScan (FS200 and FS300) OTDRs, ROGUE OLTS Certifier, and FOCIS family connector inspection probes.

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(Size: 2 MB)