HD RANGER-3 Field Strenght Meter and TV Analyser. The first with HEVC worldwide.

HD RANGER-3 Field Strenght Meter and TV Analyser. The first with HEVC worldwide.

Digital terrestrial television is at the dawn of a new transformation driven by the need to release yet further spectrum in the so called second dividend and by the demand for more content and higher resolution. On the other hand broadcasting companies need to expand their commercial offers to compete with unconventional video delivery systems and optimise their operational costs.

This is difficult with the current H.264 DVB-T SD standard and the main broadcast operator in Germany is leading the way with the adoption of H.265 HEVC DVB-T2 HD format for the new digital terrestrial television, offering the extra bandwidth and flexibility required to allocate new content with resolutions up to 1080p. HD Ranger 3 is the first Field Strength meter and TV Analyser of its kind to offer HEVC signal demodulation compatible with this new broadcast signals now on air.

The customer has found that the new HD Ranger 3 product meets their DVB-T2 HEVC network deployment T&M needs because it packs HEVC demodulation, transport stream analysis and recording, IP interface, etc… all in a rugged 2 kgrs instrument.


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