RAISEPON – Software for RAISECOM’s GEPON Management

The software written by us to manage Raisecom GEPON ONUs and OLTs is now open source under the MIT license.

You can download it from Github

In an effort to help their customers easily implement RAISECOM EPON solutions, KST employees have developped software for Management of ISCOM5508 and ISCOM5800E OLTs. The software is based on PHP/MySQL/Javascript/RRDTools and is using RAISECOM Private SNMP MIBS for management, it is distributed under free license in internet.

Basic functionalities:

1. Creating customers and their association with ONU devices
2. Adding of OLTs, PON ports, and ONUs
3. Registration and Authorization for ONUs in OLTs according to their MAC address.
4. ONU Activation/Deactivation.
5. Applying of predefined Service Templates (QoS, VLANs) per ONU device.
6. Multiple ONUs moving from one OLT and PON port to another OLT and PON port.
7. OLTs Monitoring + RRD Graphs
8.Traffic, Unicast, Broadast, Multicast and Recieve/Transmit Power Graphs per ONU device.
9. ONU Ethernet ports state
10. OLT Logs collection The software is in continuous development with new features added and some bugs fixed.