RAISECOM GEPON project in Telecable Bulgaria

In the summer of Year 2013 after succesfully winning a tender for delivery of Telecommunication Equipment for GEPON with the help of EU Funding,

KST delivered the following equpiment from RAISECOM to Telecable Bulgaria:


iscom5800e iscom5508_small


ONU: HT803, HT803-R, HT803-W, ISCOM5108-PE


The whole project costed: 1 093 000 BGN (part of which from EU funding)

Telecable is one of the leading Telecom Companies in Central and South Bulgaria

Raisecom Technology is leader in production of equpiment for the last mile and data aggregation.

KST Ltd. is International Company for delivery of equpiment for Cable TV, Internet and Telecom Operators.

12 December 2013