TKS – new better series CATV equipment

Since August 2014 KST Ltd has expanded its product portfolio in terms of equipment for cable TV with the new TKS series. The products of this series, which will replace the existed CATV equipment Hi-Tech, have successfully passed both laboratory tests and those in real optical networks. Except, the good known optical transmitters, amplifiers and optical receivers, TKS series adds nodes designed for use in passive optical networks (PON) and such suitable for indoor installation. The no small part of the devices, operating frequency range has extended up to 1000 MHz.

Optical transmitters -1310 и 1550nm

TKS1550EMOT-30 webTKS1310DMT-XX web

Optical receivers for outdoor installation with AGC – with and without return path transmitter

TKS860AOR-RPF5-60 webTKS860AOR-220 webTKS860AOR-60 web

Optical receivers for indoor installation – with and without AGC


Optical receiver for return path signals

TKS200RPR-4W web

CATV amplifier
TKS1000RFA-60 web