RAISECOM Telecom Switch Family

 Telecom Switch Family

Raisecom is glad to announce two new devices, ISCOM2828F (Version D) and ISCOM 2128G. The new members will be classified into Telecom Switch family. Now the Telecom family has embraced ISCOM2828F (Version D), ISCOM 2128G, ISCOM2110EA-MA and ISCOM2128EA-MA. Compared with Carrier Ethernet series, Telecom family as L2 access switch series is used to execute and aggregate services in access layer. On the other hand, it caters for SME access demands, providing multi-services as voice, video and data simultaneously. In addition, Telecom family can also offer effective solutions for Triple-play, FTTX situations thanks to its compliance in various standards, including IEEE802.3ah,802.1ag, ITU-T Y.1731 and Ethernet Ring. Moreover, the new ISCOM2828F (Version D) with its FE optical uplink ports and ISCOM 2128G with GE optical uplink ports enriched the interface type. The two new members will make Telecom family more intelligent and flexible in network architectures.


Telecom family has been officially released now. For more product information, please download datasheets, and contact Raisecom regional sales representatives to reserve pilot tests.