ISCOM6860 possesses great switching capacities and can be used to aggregate and transport data, voice and video traffic from other OLTs over Ethernet backbones. Enhanced network manageability, reliability and redundancy are supported with Ethernet OAM, ring protection mechanisms, and a hot-swappable redundant power supply. ISCOM6860 also supports multi-purpose access and aggregation PON and xDSL DSLAM Ethernet […]


RAISECOM Catalogue 2017

2017 Raisecom Catalogue


Нов 8 портов гигабитов суич със SFP портове от Hi-Tech

Фирма КСТ ООД представя нов модел Hitech гигабитов суич със SFP на атрактивна цена. Суича разполага с 8 порта 10/100/1000 + 2 порта на SFP слот. Идеален бюджетен вариант за надграждане на вашата Лан мрежа в крайните точки до които достигате с оптичен кабел. HT-8G-2F Описание на продукта: Портове: 8 x 10/100/1000 + 2 x SFP Скорост […]

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KST Today

КСТ ООД е водеща международна компания с над 20 годишен опит, фокусирана върху доставката на продукти и решения за нуждите на телекомуникационните компании и кабелните оператори в България и страните от Балканския полуостров. Основните цели пред нас са: – доставка на висококачествени и иновативни продукти на най-добри цени; – компетентно комплексно обслужване и изграждане на […]


(Български) Намаление на Raisecom GEPON ONU-та

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New Ethernet Switches from DCN

DCN S4600-10P-SI L2 Gigabit Ethernet Switch 8 x 10/100/1000base-T + 2 x 100/1000base-X (SFP) Цена 333 лв. DCN S5750E-28X-SI L3 Lite 10-Gigabit Ethernet Switch 24 x 10/100/1000base-T + 4 x 10GbE (SFP+) Цена 1 045 лв. DCN S5750E-28X-SI-24F-D L3 Lite 10-Gigabit Ethernet Switch 20 x 100/1000base-X  (SFP) + 4 x GbE Combo(RJ45/SFP) + 4 x 10GbE (SFP+) […]


RAISEPON – Software for RAISECOM’s GEPON Management

The software written by us to manage Raisecom GEPON ONUs and OLTs is now open source under the MIT license. You can download it from Github In an effort to help their customers easily implement RAISECOM EPON solutions, KST employees have developped software for Management of ISCOM5508 and ISCOM5800E OLTs. The software is based on […]


Промоция на Raisecom Switches

Уважаеми колеги, в момента тече промоция на налични модели RAISECOM Carrier Ethernet Switches: ISCOM2828F-AC Opt. Aggr. L2 Switch 24*100BaseX SFP + 2 Combo 1000/SFP + 2*1000BaseX SFP 456 USD ISCOM2824G-AC/D Manag. GE Aggr.L2 Switch 20*10/100/1000BaseT + 4 Combo 1000/SFP, Dual AC Power Supply – 249 USD ISCOM2128EA-MA-AC Manag. L2 Switch 24*10/100BaseT + 4 Combo 1000/SFP, […]


New HD Ranger video tutorials

Dear customers and users of HD Ranger analyzers, We are glad to inform you, that new HD Ranger video tutorials are available. It contains a good number of videos covering from basic button description to transport stream recording. They are based on HD Ranger 2 but because all Ranger products share the way the functions […]

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HD RANGER-3 Field Strenght Meter and TV Analyser. The first with HEVC worldwide.

HD RANGER-3 Field Strenght Meter and TV Analyser. The first with HEVC worldwide. Digital terrestrial television is at the dawn of a new transformation driven by the need to release yet further spectrum in the so called second dividend and by the demand for more content and higher resolution. On the other hand broadcasting companies […]